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LIfe Is Good...FINALLY!


But the light is in sight, things that I had dreamed of for so long, and tried so hard to achieve is finally coming my way. I fought through so much ugliness. I mearly thought to look at the want adds before dinner and found two interesting opportunities and applied to both. To my surpise, one called me back and now I have the opportunity to manage my own property. Well, it isn't mine perse but my resposibility. It's in a good location and in good repair but there are challenges a plenty to keep me busy for awhile.

I have also met a man. I know I had met one of those before, unfortunatly, he missed the biggest must have...girlfriend. It feels good with this one, we are in a similar place in our lives. Rushing is not something either of us want. Fun. He seems like a lot of fun. So unless queen mab steels him away in the dark of the night, I will enjoy him.

So far the warmth of summer's promesses are permenting my soul.


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