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Must have list...

I met someone the other day. It wasn't something planned, and when I first met him I didn't think WOW but by the time we had parted ways, I was thinking damn. He has this sexy geek thing going for him and a motorcycle too! I haven't wanted to date since leaving my husband/high school sweetheart/father of my children. I promised myself that I wouldn't, not until I was ready. Ready, how does one ever know they are ready? I don't.

I did test the waters a little. There was this one guy; he was honest when he told me he wasn't married. But later I found out that while not married he was living with his girlfriend of 20+ years and mother of his 3 kids. Apparently, they were having issues and she wasn't being supportive enough. I told him I thought he was great, but give me a call when he was more single.

Like many I have my list. You know the one; he has to have these certain qualities or traits to even pass in to the call back line. Here is mine:

1. Single, yes that means no wife and no girlfriend boys!
2. Employed, I don't care if you’re rich or poor, but a steady job is a must.
3. This is the tricky one and only applies to those with children. Dedicated, kids come first, no if ands or buts. If your kid calls and they need you, you better choose them or me or your friend.
4. Attractive, that is a little shallow (wait till you read number five), I know. But I need to be attracted to the guy and I want to be able to look at him.
5. Endowed, there's just no easy way to say it.
6. Nice, not over the top, but nice. Someone that isn't angry at the world and can enjoy the little things.
7. Confident, I find this is tied to jealous and controlling behaviors which I will not stand for.

So that's it, It's not a long impossible to live up to list, but those little things I will not compromise on. There are other things that I hope for, but those I can bend and flex on.


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