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Therapy Session

Therapy session: Sorry but bare with me. I am playing the this is my world card, so I can do and post what I want. And what I need to post is something that needs to be let go, to breathe.

He walked towards her with such fierce single minded determination; had it been any other man she’d known in her life she would have been frightened by the look in eyes. He was different, something hard to communicate, but it came down to his eyes. The way they smiled even when he didn’t and when he did smile, especially with mischief, they radiated such energy that she knew: he was a good man.
Their passions mixed, collided even in their fumbling. It was the greatest complement of her life to see and feel that desire. All she wanted was him; everything else was secondary, inconsequential. His warm breath and firm lips found the curve in her neck, while his smell electrified her senses. She could taste the musky warmth that surrounded him.
Did he have any idea the power which he held over her? It surprised and excited her; she could feel this for him and even more that she would share it.

Perhaps one day this will make its life somewhere, but for now: this is it.