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Embracing Change

One year ago I walked away from a familiar life. That was harder than anyone who hasn't done it could know. No it wasn't a happy one but I learned to accept it, even embrace it in a way. With some reflection, I cannot today, recognize that person. To date it is one of the  bravest things I have done, I hoped it was going to be a good decision but the future is so unknown there was no way to KNOW. I didn't have anything but faith and hope, and on that I jumped blindfolded into the unknown.

It has not been a postcard year. But one of tremendous change; internal and external. 

I find myself ready to move on and move forward. There isn't anything holding me back: except me. Unsure of what to do, the past week I have applied to dozens of jobs with no direction or focus. As much as I would like to say: hospitality is in my past. I wonder. Of course there are many things I would never miss, but still there are many more things I miss. The family like atmosphere is one of the biggest. In this past week I have been told that I am suited for it. And I miss it. Don't get me wrong, I would love to open my own bistro. But without the financial backing and credit that looks up to the toilet, I just cannot see it just yet.

So hospitality it is! But looking around at the gray and brown landscape, the cold, bone shattering wind six months out of the year has me looking elsewhere. So could there be more changes to come. I hope so! I shall embrace the change... 


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