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For Magic to Survive...

(my second installment of the story, enjoy)
           “Bailyn, fetch the riffle for me.”
           “What is it father?” Bailyn asked, trying to see around his father’s broad shoulders.
“A thief in the garden. Quick now!”
“Jon,” the woman said.
“Bailyn follow me around back, you...”
“...grab her on my mark,” he said taking the long barreled shot gun from Bailyn.”
Bailyn nodded the thrill of the hunt in his eyes.
“What is it woman?”
“The garden is in the back of the house, Jon,” she said, putting her arm around her daughter, identical smiles revealing their amusement.
“Oh right, but then...” he stood there, unsure of what to do. Grunting he motioned for his son to follow.
Moonlight illuminated the small frame of a girl, hair swirled around her in a wind only she felt.
“Father this isn’t right. Listen.”
Jon understood he rubbed his ears: it felt like they needed to pop. “Here take the gun.” The closer they crept the greater the pressure in their ears became.
John grabbed the girl from behind, pinning her arms to her sides, and yanked. Bailyn circled around her; the gun limp in his hand threatened only the Earth.
“Boy, the gun!”
“I think she’s dead.”


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