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For Magic to Survive Someone Must Sacrifice--Part III

She sunk into the straw mattress, her hair fanned on the pillow accentuating her pale skin: a dark angel.
“Father, is she...” Bailyn couldn’t pull himself away from the girl. He thought of Sleeping Beauty, and in spite of himself, he imagined bending down and placing a soft kiss on her rough lips.
Molina moved her brother aside, “She’s not dead,” she said. “Look her chest moves.” An unfamiliar feeling, it was a curious notion, crossed her consciousness. Goosebumps raced up her arms despite the warmth from the stove.
She needed to touch the mystifying girl, but she hesitated for fear of what it would do, and more than that, she was afraid.
“Children, Jon come away now,” the woman said. “Molina, fetch some blankets from the cupboard; Bailyn, run to the well for water; Jon, put the kettle on.” She took a slow deep breath; she could taste the bittersweet honey that mingled with the girl's aura. It had been years since she felt the magic stir within her but she felt the pull like an old friend come to visit.
Her family and their safety came first, though the last thing she desired to do was to hand over another witch. If The Destroyers came, she’d have no choice.
The floorboard behind her creaked with the weight of her husband and his shadow darkened the girl's pale features, “What should we do with her?”
Sighing, she shrugged.